Ohio Star: COSI

Photoquilt: COSI

24″ x 24″

If you’ve ever been to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio, then you know the wonderfully kinetic sculpture just outside the main doors.  Science Spectrum, by William Wainwright is a tree-like windmill that sparkles in the sunlight and spins in the breeze.  The first time I photographed this sculpture, it was cloudy.  But I’m glad I returned on a sunny, cloudless day because the iridescent rainbow reflections of the sculpture shine even brighter against a deep blue sky.

Ohio Star: COSI - original

Ohio Star: COSI – original image

Ohio Star: COSI - block

Ohio Star: COSI – block ($100)

Photoquilt: COSI - detail

Ohio Star: COSI – detail


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