Other Photoquilts

These photoquilts incorporate a variety of traditional quilt patterns or, sometimes, none at all.  Often they are similar images repeated several times with slight variations.  The viewer is drawn to find the patterns and repetitions, the similarities and differences.  The overall quilt often gives one impression, while each individual image gives another.

Click on the pictures and links below to see more about each photoquilt.

motor mandalas 01-12
Motor Mandalas (2017)
photoquilt - self portrait - facebook Self-Portrait: Facebook (2016)
spaghetti detail 3
Spaghetti (2016)
Blanket - detail Blanket (2016)
Les Portes De Montpellier (back) photoquilt detail
Les Portes De Montpellier (2015)
You're Not Going To Wear That, Are You? photoquilt detail
You’re Not Going To Wear That, Are You? (2013)
Wheels Photoquilt Thumbnail
Wheels (2011)
Pickles Are Gross Photoquilt Thumbnail
Pickles Are Gross (2009)
Treetops / Snowflakes Photoquilt Thumbnail
Treetops / Snowflakes (2005)
Fall Colours Photoquilt Thumbnail
Fall Colours (2005)
Our First House Photoquilt Thumbnail
Our First House (2004)
Bachelor's Dilemma Photoquilt Thumbnail
Bachelor’s Dilemma (1998)

Star maquettes (2011-2012)

Land of Lincoln (2005)

Shoeboxes (2005)

Tessellating Combs (1998)

Sawtooth (1997)

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